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As working from home has become the new normal for many SMEs, the CPQ wanted to promote its Guide pratique pour l’implantation du télétravail en entreprise, a guide to implementing telework at a company. We suggested creating a website that would provide Quebec entrepreneurs with a wide range of content aimed at helping them manage their businesses during these unprecedented times. In just a few weeks, we created the website, wrote a dozen blog articles, and launched the platform. Thanks to our expertise, the CPQ’s vision quickly became a reality.

Services requested
Strategy, Website production, Content creation, Branding (with our friends from Uzin3)

Conseil du patronat du Québec

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Create a fresh, dynamic platform that explores the challenges of telework and gives Quebec SME managers a voice.
Offer advice, information, practices, and testimonials on topics related to telework.
Build ties between the CPQ and Quebec entrepreneurs.
Develop a unique resource that provides a 360-degree view of telework and the challenges it presents.


Over 7,500 page views within a month of the site going live

45 %

Newsletter open rate of over 45% within the first week

16 %

Click-through rate
of nearly 16%
Our approach
All of our services were involved in this mandate.
While developing strategy and creating the website, we assembled a joint editorial committee with the CPQ’s internal teams. We also wrote and revised a number of blog articles related to the different aspects of telework. The platform had to be streamlined and modern, and the articles had to be appealing to managers of Quebec SMEs—people who often have a tight schedule. The information therefore had to be easily accessible, clearly explained, and above all, relevant. In addition, we set up a bimonthly newsletter to disseminate new content to managers.
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