Microsoft News image gallery

50 incredible photos of animals in the wild


Microsoft News asked us to write, illustrate, edit, upload, and translate the image gallery “50 incredible photos of animals in the wild.” The gallery was so well received by international readers that it was translated into several languages.

Services requested
Editorial strategy, Content production


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Produce quality text and photo content
Edit content to make it appealing to the target audience
Identify and meet the client’s objectives in terms of page views and engagement
Our approach
When producing image galleries for Microsoft News, we aim first and foremost to provide impeccable writing and photography.
Our uncompromising stance on quality was a big reason for the popularity of “50 incredible photos of animals in the wild.” The gallery’s record-breaking performance is no surprise, given its striking visual content and informative yet universal texts. The proof of its success? The gallery has been translated into numerous languages for the international market, and we continue to update it regularly.


content translated into 20 languages


more than 10 million clicks worldwide


million clicks in French