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Albert microlearning app


Albert’s mandate is to offer companies an efficient and user-friendly mobile training technology that allows them to disseminate personalized content to their employees for immediate use in their day-to-day tasks.

Services requested
Marketing strategy, Branding, Content production

Think it Twice

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Develop an easy-to-use and engaging mobile app
Create a versatile and objective brand that puts the focus on Albert’s customers rather than on the brand itself
Create customized, educational, and engaging content


Content produced in 5 languages


Average usage of 7 minutes per day


Mobile solution deployed on 3 continents
Our approach
We were tasked with creating the Albert brand, developing a mobile app for the microlearning tool, and continuously providing original training content.
The user interface we designed is discreet and elegant to better showcase the training content. As a white label product, the visuals can be removed easily and replaced with the brand elements of any given client. When developing the app, we prioritized ease of use to give employees direct access to the proposed content. The app is also designed to encourage continuous training and ranks employees based on their scores to boost loyalty. All these features, combined with regularly updated content, make Albert an effective training solution for businesses.
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Téléphone ouvert sur l'application
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