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Graphic production

It was a long-standing client who recommended Espresso as a graphics and language services provider to the company.

Today, our mandate is to adapt the English (Canadian) and French (Quebec) promotional content for Clinique to drive brand sales in Canada. We handle print and digital ads for social media and department stores, product displays, packaging for limited-edition product lines, marketing presentations, and more.

Attention to detail

We have been their graphics agency in Canada for 6 years, and are so proud of the mutual trust we have built in that time! This type of client requires a wide range of resources and a joint effort from our management, language services, and graphic design teams. We need to synchronize multiple, varied projects requiring creative translations and great attention to technical detail when adapting different types of graphic content.

Expressing our creativity in many forms

  • Print advertising
  • Product counter displays
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Digital banners
  • Translation for graphic production
  • Integration of translations into existing print, video, and digital content
  • Translation of social media content
  • Image editing

A team effort

Every day, we receive requests for graphics or translations for new projects or updates. Some 40 new projects come in from nearly a dozen Clinique contacts every month, often with tight production deadlines. Our well-organized team gets the job done with efficiency and precision.

The results

+ 300More than 300 projects delivered per year
+ 70 000More than 70 000 words translated per year


“We appreciate your flexibility, creativity and all the hard work you do for us. ”

Marketing team from Clinique Canada

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