Festival ¡Qué Gusto!

A Paris-based celebration of Mexican cuisine


When Festival ¡Qué Gusto! was launched in Paris in 2015, it became the first European festival dedicated to Mexican cuisine. Espresso communication and Ximena Velasco of Pasalavoz have co-produced the event from day one. With the aim of promoting cultural and economic exchanges between individuals and brands on either side of the Atlantic, we have continued to cultivate ties between Mexico and the people of Paris and all of France through the ¡Qué Gusto! brand.

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Marketing strategy, Branding, Events

Festival Qué Gusto

Develop new partnerships that reflect the brand
Optimize the event’s digital presence
Promote Mexico as a culinary tourist destination
Our approach
Festival ¡Qué Gusto! reaches its target audiences through an elaborate, multi-platform sponsorship structure.
Over the years, various businesses, institutions, and official organizations have supported the event, enjoying a profile boost on the French market thanks to the visibility of the festival. Many elements have helped Festival ¡Qué Gusto! show Parisians the very best of Mexico: a muy caliente graphic identity that gets a new look every year; a versatile brand image that ties together all communications material; punchy, visually striking content; and a tailored program that features everything from movie nights and musical performances to fusion meals prepared by a French/Mexican chef tandem. A one-of-a-kind concept, Festival ¡Qué Gusto! is organized by Espresso communication and Ximena Velasco.

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