Muzo Hotel

Hotel and complex
for cats and dogs


For this one-of-a-kind hotel, we sought inspiration from the building’s architecture to create elements that would reflect the spirit and elegance of the hotel.

Services requested
Web Design, Graphic Design

Hôtel Muzo

Hôtel Muzo>
Create a website that’s as elegant as the hotel
Elicit positive emotions among dog and cat owners
Inspire trust and make prospective MUZO clients feel confident that their pet will be well cared for
Colour palette
Recoleta Medium
Sofia Pro
Our approach
We started this project by visiting the hotel and reviewing a wide range of luxury hotel websites.
Next, we implemented strategies that would ensure the website’s graphic elements matched the hotel’s architecture. We then began our usual website development production process: Analysis, Web production and development, Content input and SEO review, training, and quality assurance.
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